Linkin Park/ Limp Bizkit

Achi Mix

Tracks: 20, total time: 75:12, year: 2000, genre: Punk Rock

1.3:39Crazy Town / Butterfly
2.3:23Linkin Park / The fast and the Furious
3.4:01Linkin Park / Step Up
4.3:14Linkin Park / Pushing Up
5.3:32Linkin Park / Crowling
6.3:11Linkin Park / Esal
7.3:06Linkin Park / Hybrid Theory
8.3:39Linkin Park / In the End
9.4:20Linkin Park / My December
10.2:38Linkin Park / One Step Closer
11.4:35Limp Bizkit / My Way
12.3:27Limp Bizkit / Crushed
13.3:55Limp Bizkit / Faith
14.2:47Limp Bizkit / He said she said
15.4:29Limp Bizkit / Nookie
16.3:36Limp Bizkit / RollinĀ“
17.3:58Limp Bizkit / Shut the Fuck Up
18.3:53Limp Bizkit / Hot Tog
19.4:10Limp Bizkit / Full Nelson
20.5:46Limp Bizkit / Hold on

Discid: misc / 16119e14

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