Ozzy Osbourne

Rarities (Disc 1)

Tracks: 18, total time: 73:24, year: 2004, genre: Heavy Metal

1.5:45    Electric Sleep [w/Black Sabbath]
2.2:04    Blue Suede Shoes [w/Black Sabbath]
3.0:24    Randy Rhodes Death Report [From Radio]
4.4:19    Walk On Water [w/Beavis & Butthead]
5.4:58    Don't Blame Me
6.3:28    Therapy [w/Infectious Grooves]
7.4:45    Aimee
8.5:34    Living With The Enemy
9.4:21    Purple Haze [w/Lenny Kravitz]
10.4:34    Hey Stoopid [w/Alice Cooper]
11.4:16    Ain't No Nice Guy [w/Motorhead]
12.6:10    Led Clones [w/Gary Moore]
13.2:35    Mrs. J.
14.3:24    One Up The B-side
15.4:21    Spiders
16.3:13    Crazy Train [w/Madonna]
17.5:24    Voodoo Dancer
18.3:53    Let's Go To Bed [w/Michelle Pfiefer]

Category: misc - Discid: 15113212

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