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Tracks: 18, total time: 79:17, year: 2001, genre: Pop

1.5:25Minor Earth Major Sky
2.4:37Summer Moved On
3.4:39The Sun Never Shone That Day
4.3:47Take On Me
6.4:51I Call Your Name
7.4:45I Won't Forget Her
8.4:22Crying In The Rain
9.5:04The Sun Always Shines On T.V.
10.3:44Hunting High And Low
11.3:15The Company Man
12.4:25I've Been Loosing You
13.4:49Manhattan Skyline
14.4:13The Living Daylights
15.5:39You'll Never Get Over Me
16.3:42You Are The One
17.2:57Early Morning
18.4:42Stay On These Road

Discid: misc / 10129312

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