the basement tapes

Tracks: 17, total time: 71:40, year: , genre: Alternative

1.4:48the bends (4 track demo)
2.3:43airbag (acoustic)
3.4:44lucky (acoustic)
4.2:48no suprises please (early acoustic version)
5.4:25subterranean homesick alien (acoustic)
6.3:16motion picture soundtrack
7.4:38true love waits
8.4:20manowar / big boots
9.5:14(don't get any) big ideas
10.7:23how to disappear completely and never be found
11.3:54i promise
12.3:32lift (live version)
13.3:41lift (demo version)
14.3:07union city blues
15.2:09sing a song for you
16.6:16rabbit in your headlights
17.3:47philippa chicken

Discid: misc / 0f10ca11

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