Jeff "JJ Star" Duran

How Embarrassing

Tracks: 37, total time: 59:17, year: 2011, genre: Comedy

1.0:36    Intro (Featuring Denise Ames)
2.1:35    Rock And Roll
3.4:05    Star's P.A.I.N. (Feat. Keyshia Cole)
4.0:43    Too Raw
5.0:20    Not In Comedy To Tell Joke (Featuring Gabriel Iglesius)
6.0:30    This Bombing's Gotta Stop (Featuring Gabriel Iglesius)
7.1:24    Str8 A'z
8.1:14    Amber Alert
9.0:41    Gentlemen Fuck Their Eggs
10.3:16    Male Order Bride
11.0:58    No Personality (Featuring Kevin Couch)
12.1:46    Radio Vs. Comedy
13.3:19    Radio Gaga (Featuring Lady Gaga)
14.0:42    Like Micheal J Fox On Ritalin
15.1:12    Uncle Pauly (Featuring Pauly Shore)
16.2:39    Get Famous Then Do That Overdose Thing
17.2:01    Props To D.J. AM (Featuring Shifty From Crazytown)
18.0:52    Sloucho Meets The Young Pheezy (Featuring Jason Blades)
19.2:11    Andrew Nice Clay
20.1:25    When Your Idols Become Enemies (Featuring Andrew "Dice" Clay)
21.0:08    The Worst (Featuring Andrew Dice Clay)
22.0:50    Not That Funny
23.2:25    Never Forget (Featuring Eddie Jarvis)
24.1:39    Pussy For The Troops
25.1:14    Sloucho Meets The Hulk (Featuring Jason Blades) Skit
26.1:29    The Metal God (Featuring Rob Halford)
27.3:29    Metal Blitz (Featuring Denise Ames)
28.1:47    My Name Is Latina (Featuring Kevin Couch)
29.4:17    Is That Mexican Enuff For You (Featuring Freddy Soto)
30.0:21    Going Down Like Drano (Featuring Jeffree Star)
31.1:01    Time For Change
32.1:16    Shuggie Otis Speaks The Truth (Featuring Shuggie Otis)
33.1:03    MArriage Is Gay
34.1:19    Lapping Up The Love
35.2:40    Laugh Or Die (It's A Joke Bitch)
36.0:33    I LIke When They Leave (Featuring Brian Holtzman)
37.2:32    How Embarrassing

Category: misc - Discid: 0e0de325

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