Muzic collection

Tracks: 18, total time: 73:23, year: 2001, genre: Vocal

YEAR: 2001

1.2:22the voice enigma
2.4:02prinnciples of lust: sadeness
3.4:50prinnciples of lust: find love
4.2:49prinnciples of lust: sadeness (peprise)
5.4:30callas went away
6.2:15second charter
7.7:15the eyes of truth
8.4:16return to innocence
9.5:01beyond the invisible
11.4:27T.N.T. for the brain
12.4:47prism of life
13.1:37odyssey of the mind
14.3:49gravity of love
15.3:59the screen behind the mirror
16.3:07endless quest
17.4:10between mind & heart
18.5:18silence must be heard

Discid: misc / 04113112

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