Various Artists

"Half full of happiness" compilation

Tracks: 18, total time: 73:51, year: 2006, genre: Electronic

1.3:28Metric / Dead disco
2.4:10Metric / Wet blanket
3.5:16Zoot Woman / Half full of happiness
4.3:55Zoot Woman / Hope in the mirror
5.2:12Metric / Love is a place
6.4:55Royksopp / Sombre detune
7.3:07Zoot Woman / Snow white
8.4:23Royksopp / Triumphant
9.5:36Metric / Hustle rose
10.4:45Metric / Hardwire
11.3:25Tarwater / Across the dial
12.4:21Zoot Woman / Grey day
13.4:28Metric / Soft rock star
14.3:43Tarwater / Jackie
15.4:33Metric / Parkdale
16.4:11Zoot Woman / Living in a magazine
17.3:58Royksopp / Only this moment
18.3:30Metric / Calculation theme

Discid: misc / 03114d12

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