Norah Jones & The Peter Malick Group

The Deluxe Collection (CD 1) (2007)

Tracks: 15, total time: 79:07, year: 2007, genre: Jazz

The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones -
The Deluxe Collection YEAR: 2007

1.5:08    New York City
2.4:10    Strange Transmissions
3.4:20    Decepively Yours
4.4:36    All Your Love
5.5:10    Heart Of Mine
6.3:13    Things You Don't Have To Do
7.3:51    New York City (Radio Edit)
8.4:01    New York City (DJ Strobe Brooklyn Vibe Mix)
9.7:51    Strange Transmissions (Bastone & Burns Club Remix)
10.7:30    Things You Don't Have (Land Shark Vocal Remix)
11.4:30    Deceptively Yours (DJ Strobe Seedy Hotel Remix)
12.7:44    New York City (Bastone & Burnz Club Remix)
13.6:33    Things You Don't Have To Do (Land Shark Dub)
14.7:03    Deceptively Yours (Land Shark Vocal Remix)
15.3:30    New Your City (DJ Strobe Manhattan Tourist Remix)

Category: jazz - Discid: e012890f

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