Citroen, Soesja

Don't Cry Baby

Tracks: 16, total time: 60:15, year: 2005, genre: Jazz

1.3:12    Just Another Man
2.4:48    Out Of The Blue
3.4:05    Don't Cry Baby
4.4:18    Song For You
5.4:08    From The Start
6.3:46    Love Can't Be All Fun
7.2:55    The Samba Calls
8.4:39    Last September
9.3:19    Wise Women Know
10.4:30    Tropic Night
11.3:17    Miles Apart
12.3:38    Good Old Jazz
13.3:10    Daddy's Girl
14.2:41    Long As You Pay
15.4:23    Charming Guy
16.3:30    Fantasies Are Free

Category: jazz - Discid: d90e1d10

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