"Non Peut Etre!?" A Sampler from Les Disques du Crepuscule

Tracks: 15, total time: 69:41, year: 1988, genre: Jazz

1.4:12Isabelle Antena / little fish from the southern sea
2.4:21Isabelle Antena / from day to day
3.4:46Isabelle Antena / young captive
4.2:14Devine/Statton / bizarre love triangle
5.4:07Devine/Statton / under the weather
6.4:25Anna Domino / rythm
7.4:17Anna Domino / take that
8.4:15Anna Domino / perfect days (no he says)
9.3:31Jane Kelly / what if
10.3:30Jane Kelly / heart tease
11.6:49Evan Lurie / determination-for rosa parks
12.2:56Wim Mertens / humility
13.8:04Wim Mertens / a tiels leis
14.4:46Wim Mertens / birds for the mind
15.7:30Roy Nathanson, Curtis Fowkles & The Jazz Passengers / tikkun

Discid: jazz / d110530f

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