Karen Akers

Feels Like Home

Tracks: 15, total time: 59:01, year: 2001, genre: Cabaret

1.3:22    I'm Not Afraid
2.6:19    J'ai Deux Amours
3.4:48    Drouot
4.3:18    Paris In The Rain
5.3:16    Haunted Heart
6.3:35    Paris In A Lonely Town
7.2:40    Sympathique
8.4:35    L'Aigle Noir
9.3:26    Les Couleurs de Temps
10.4:53    Stars And The Moon
11.4:15    Marieke
12.2:50    Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
13.4:01    Chanson
14.4:16    Feels Like Home
15.3:29    The Rose

Category: jazz - Discid: c80dd30f

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