Fondy Riverside Bullet Band


Tracks: 16, total time: 57:50, year: 1995, genre: Jazz

1.2:29    Has Anyone Seen my Kitty
2.3:26    Together
3.4:13    Gettysburg March
4.3:42    I Ain't Got Nobody
5.3:03    Easter Parade
6.3:48    I Wish I Could Shimmy Like my Sister Kate
7.3:48    Ti-Pi-Tin
8.5:18    Tishomingo Bleus
9.4:11    Should I (reveal)
10.2:09    Li'l Liza Jane
11.3:02    Darling Nelly Gray
12.4:19    Ting-A-Ling
13.3:38    Don't Fence Me In
14.3:34    Siboney
15.4:30    Milneburg Joys
16.2:42    When It's Sleepy Time Down South

Category: jazz - Discid: c50d8c10

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