Marilyn Manson


Tracks: 15, total time: 60:29, year: 2000, genre: Metal

YEAR: 2000

1.3:45Marilyn Manson / S'aint
2.3:51Marilyn Manson / Better of Two Evils
3.4:13Marilyn Manson / Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Z
4.4:05Marilyn Manson / Ka-Boom Ka-Boom
5.3:28Marilyn Manson / mOBSCENE
6.1:51Marilyn Manson / Obsequy (The Death of Art)
7.6:04Marilyn Manson / Para-Noir
8.4:09Marilyn Manson / Slutgarden
9.4:37Marilyn Manson / Spade
10.3:23Marilyn Manson / Tainted Love
11.4:22Marilyn Manson / The Bright Young Things
12.4:08Marilyn Manson / The Golden Age of Grotesque
13.4:22Marilyn Manson / This Is the New Shit
14.3:37Marilyn Manson / Use Your Fist and Not Your Mou
15.4:37Marilyn Manson / Vodevil

Discid: jazz / bf0e2b0f

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