Buena Vista Social Club

Lost and Found [dBP-LG-FLAC]

Tracks: 14, total time: 48:35, year: 2015, genre: Latin

1.5:19Bruca Manigua Featuring Ibrahim Ferrer [Live]
2.4:08Macusa Featuring Eliades Ochoa, Compay Segundo
3.3:22Tiene Sabor Featuring Omara Portuondo
4.4:44Bodas de Oro Featuring Rubén González, Jesús Ramos
5.3:38Black Chicken 37 Featuring Orlando López, Angá Díaz
6.2:25Habanera Featuring Manuel Mirabal
7.4:02Como Fue Featuring Ibrahim Ferrer
8.4:26Guajira en F Featuring Jesús Ramos
9.1:33Quiéreme Mucho Featuring Eliades Ochoa
10.2:42Pedacito de Papel Featuring Eliades Ochoa
11.5:18Mami Me Gustó Featuring Ibrahim Ferrer
12.4:10Lágrimas Negras Featuring Omara Portuondo
13.2:02Como Siento Yo Featuring Rubén González
14.0:48Ruben Sings! Featuring Rubén González

Discid: jazz / bc0b610e

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