The Black Halo

Tracks: 14, total time: 57:23, year: 2005, genre: Metal

YEAR: 2005

1.5:30    March of Mephisto
2.3:42    When the lights are down
3.5:41    Tha haunting (somewhere in time)
4.4:18    Soul society
5.0:58    Interlude I (dei gratia)
6.4:08    Abandonded
7.4:00    This pain
8.5:11    Moonlight
9.0:41    Interlude II (un assassino molte silenzioso)
10.3:44    The black halo
11.4:46    Nothing ever dies
12.8:55    Memento mori
13.1:22    Interlude III (midnight - twelve tolls for a new day)
14.4:30    Serenade

Category: jazz - Discid: b40d710e

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