Rage Against the Machine

2004-02-04 - Phillipshalle - Dusseldoft Germany

Tracks: 14, total time: 68:15, year: 2000, genre: Metal

YEAR: 2000

2.3:56Guerilla Radio
3.2:36People of the Sun
4.4:48Calm Like a Bomb
5.5:32Bullet in the Head
6.3:31Ghost of Tom Joad
7.4:30Sleep Now in the Fire
8.4:39Born of a Broken Man
9.3:59No Shelter
10.5:10Know Your Enemy
11.5:02War Within a Breath
12.4:40Bulls on Parade
14.5:11Killing in the Name

Discid: jazz / a80ffd0e

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