Tom Neilson

Spirit of Justice

Tracks: 16, total time: 54:12, year: 2003, genre: Folk

1.3:56Let 'em Drink Arsenic
2.3:34A Dubya Ballad
3.2:12W Knows
4.4:24The Bombers Go Home
5.2:22Enron Ron
6.4:55Allenwood Jail
7.4:59Space Weapons In The Sky
8.3:28The Spirit Of Justice
9.3:49Physical Relationship Blues
10.2:33The Mascot
11.1:37Jacob And The Flag
13.3:54Bush Camp
14.5:02That Was The Week
15.3:5675 Septembers Of Love
16.2:07For Tom At 50

Discid: folk / f60cb210

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