Hovering Above The Tower (Disc 4)

Tracks: 18, total time: 70:10, year: 2005, genre: Acid Punk

1.2:54Happy Song (1988 Demo)
2.3:48To Be A Brilliant Light (1988 Demo)
3.3:20Sinking Ship (1988 Demo)
4.4:03What Is It That You Say (On A Friday Demo 1991)
5.4:13Stop Whispering (On A Friday Demo 1991)
6.3:50Give It Up (On A Friday Demo 1991)
7.4:10I Can't (Hedgehog '91)
8.3:46Nothing Touches Me (Hedgehog '91)
9.2:12Thinking About You (Hedgehog '91)
10.3:45Philipa Chicken (Hedgehog '91)
11.3:20You (Hedgehog '91)
12.4:05The Bends (Radiotick Demo)
13.2:23Banana Co (Radiotick Demo)
14.3:09Pop Is Dead (Radiotick Demo)
15.4:51The Bends (Slower Demo)
16.3:11Nice Dream (Demo)
17.7:44There There (Demo)
18.5:30Where I End & You Begin (Demo)

Discid: folk / f3107012

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