97th Regimental String Band

Songs Of The Civil War - Tenting On The Old Camp Ground: Civil War Era Songs Volume 4

Tracks: 16, total time: 51:31, year: 1989, genre: Folk, Worl

1.3:05    Richmond Is A Hard Road To Travel
2.3:27    Shiloh's Hill
3.1:57    Siege Of Vicksburg
4.1:47    Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
5.3:42    Hard Tack
6.4:32    Weeping, Sad And Lonely
7.3:37    Maryland, My Maryland
8.3:17    Battle Hymn Of The Republic
9.3:57    Tenting Tonight
10.3:02    Army Bean
11.3:27    Cumberland Crew
12.4:15    All Quiet Along The Potomac Tonight
13.3:12    We Are Coming, Father Abraham
14.3:14    The Vacant Chair
15.2:25    Good O' Rebel
16.2:31    Ring The Bell, Watchman

Category: folk - Discid: e50c1110

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