Mr Boom

Dancealong With Mr Boom

Tracks: 17, total time: 47:19, year: 1989, genre: Folk

YEAR: 1989

1.3:53    Hello Again
2.2:30    Do you fancy having a dance?
3.4:45    Dancers and Marchers
4.2:27    The Bogie Man Song
5.1:45    Giant Steps
6.0:50    Tiny Tenny Steps
7.2:19    Croci Croci Crocodile
8.0:57    Frog in a Bog
9.1:20    Horsie Walk
10.2:58    Robot Dance
11.4:24    Solar System Dance
12.3:39    In My Imagination
13.4:27    Pixie Ring Dance
14.2:18    What a Lovely Day
15.2:43    Wakie Wakie
16.4:54    Are You Ready?
17.1:16    Goodbye Goodbye

Category: folk - Discid: e50b1511

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