Kavana, Alias Ron

Galway to Graceland

Tracks: 14, total time: 71:05, year: 1995, genre: Folk

YEAR: 1995 ID3G: 80

1.4:45    Shamrock City
2.3:54    True to the End
3.6:51    Watch Out Willie
4.5:35    Martha
5.7:25    Katy Boyd's Waltz / Cajun Train
6.7:03    Cap-Gun Kid and the New Lee Highways Blues
7.5:58    Galway to Graceland Medley
8.3:08    New Rising of the Moon
9.3:21    St. Patrick's Day in New Orleans
10.9:10    Mexican Holiday / Luz
11.3:43    19th Nervous Breakdown and the Blacksmith's Daughter
12.4:02    Born with the Blues
13.3:40    Fine, Fine, Fine
14.2:33    Looney Tune / Farewell

Category: folk - Discid: d410a70e

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