97th Regimental String Band

Songs Of The Civil War - Battlefields And Campfires: Civil War Era Songs Volume 1

Tracks: 15, total time: 43:58, year: 1990, genre: Folk, Worl

1.2:55    Battle Cry Of Freedom
2.2:08    When Johnny Comes Marching Home
3.3:31    The Bonnie Blue Flag
4.2:05    Goober Peas
5.4:25    Just Before The Battle, Mother
6.3:08    Rose Of Alabama
7.3:13    Tom Dula
8.2:44    The Minstrel Boy
9.2:22    Coming To Us Dead
10.2:46    Kingdom Coming
11.2:57    Mrs. McGrath
12.2:10    Roll Alabama
13.3:18    Marching Through Georgia
14.3:05    Lincoln And Liberty
15.3:07    Billy Broke Locks

Category: folk - Discid: d40a4c0f

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