Four Bitchin' Babes

"Buy Me Bring Me Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair..."Life According to Four Bitchin' Babes, Volume 2

Tracks: 14, total time: 49:29, year: 1993, genre: Folk

ID3G: 80 YEAR: 1993

1.3:04    Oh Great Spirit
2.3:29    Bald Headed Men
3.4:39    Save Me A Seat (Homeward Bound)
4.4:36    From A Distance
5.3:08    Sealed With A Kiss
6.2:26    Butter
7.4:17    Graceful Man
8.3:05    Try Love
9.3:08    Take Me Out to Eat
10.5:10    As Close To Flying
11.2:59    (Fun to Be) Perfect
12.3:17    The Choice
13.5:37    Good Night, New York
14.0:36    Theme from Jeopardy

Category: folk - Discid: c20b970e

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