The Consumer Goods

Happy Bidet (or A Scientific Inquiry Into the Non-Denomintational Same-Sex Marriage of Social Justice and Scatalogical Deflectors)

Tracks: 14, total time: 46:10, year: 2007, genre: Indie

YEAR: 2007

1.1:33Lullaby For Things Breaking
2.1:53Rovie Wade
3.2:24Happy Bidet (Let the Bald Eagle Soar)
4.2:48Gunboat Diplomacy
5.3:51The Kiss Army
6.7:16Eat a Dick, Cheney
7.4:49Looking for Love (while) In(vading) the World
8.3:12Sun, oh Sun!
9.2:32Buyer Beware Blues
10.5:12Mafeking Shithouse
11.3:55Plastic Glasses and Click Tracks
12.3:37Lebanong Song
13.0:30Let's Have Another Round of Applause for the American Empire!
14.2:41And The Final Word is Yours, Sam Katz

Discid: folk / b90ad00e

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