Dimi Mint Abba

Music & Songs of Mauritania

Tracks: 13, total time: 58:48, year: 1992, genre: Folk

1.4:17    El Belloutou
2.5:17    Chaviou Elwara (Intro)
3.5:31    Chaviou Elwara (Theme)
4.3:12    Wezene
5.5:13    Esserbat
6.4:39    Youm Chajra
7.4:45    Darsek Ya Chlana
8.2:51    Oum El Khayriyel Ou Lalla Jaw (Intro)
9.3:50    Oum El Khayriyel Ou Lalla Jaw (Theme)
10.4:32    Emmabi (Intro)
11.7:05    Emmabi (Theme)
12.2:47    Eddebya (Intro)
13.4:51    Eddebya (Theme)

Category: folk - Discid: b70dc60d

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