Danny Ramirez

Reload Your Gun!

Tracks: 12, total time: 35:19, year: 2002, genre: Folk

1.3:11    Baby, Soon I'll Take Your Life
2.3:42    It's Life Itself That Treated Me Wrong
3.2:11    This Is A Song For The Strong Arm Of The Law
4.2:08    I Used To Skin My Cat When I Was Young
5.3:51    No Siesta Won't Save You
6.3:23    There Always Will Be A Motive For Murder
7.2:37    I Have Got Killing Spree Fever Tonight
8.2:24    You Know I Got Satan In My Blood
9.3:38    When I Feel The Urge To Kill There Is No Returning
10.2:09    I Am The Reason For You To Be
11.2:42    There Should Be Some Dead Bodies For You To Know I Am Out There
12.3:27    I Hope You Die In A Freak Accident

Category: folk - Discid: 8208450c

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