Gordon Lightfoot

Did She Mention My Name / Back Here On Earth

Tracks: 23, total time: 72:47, year: 1992, genre: Folk, Worl

1.2:54    Wherefore And Why
2.5:13    The Last Time I Saw Her
3.4:15    Black Day In July
4.2:19    May I
5.2:30    Magnificent Outpouring
6.3:38    Does Your Mother Know
7.3:37    The Mountains And Maryann
8.2:51    Pussywillows, Cat-Tails
9.2:23    I Want To Hear It From You
10.3:19    Something Very Special
11.2:07    Boss Man
12.2:28    Did She Mention My Name
13.3:07    Long Way Back Home
14.1:54    Unsettled Ways
15.3:01    Long Thin Dawn
16.2:45    Bitter Green
17.3:28    The Circle Is Small
18.2:54    Marie Christine
19.4:19    Cold Hands From New York
20.3:28    Affair On 8th Avenue
21.3:16    Don't Beat Me Down
22.2:48    The Gypsy
23.4:09    If I Could

Category: folk - Discid: 5c110d17

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