Tracks: 20, total time: 73:52, year: 2014, genre: Pop

1.2:46She's My Kind Of Girl
2.3:03I Am Just A Girl
3.3:38Gonna Sing You My Love Song
4.3:13King Kong Song
5.3:40I've Been Waiting For You
6.3:05Rock Me
7.3:02Man In The Middle
8.3:47Intermezzo No.1
9.3:16That's Me
10.3:45Crazy World
11.4:25Happy Hawaii
12.4:05I'm A Marionette
13.4:20Medley Pick A Bale Of Cotton
14.3:17Kisses Of Fire
15.3:33The King Has Lost His Crown
17.3:27The Piper
18.4:41Andante, Andante
19.4:31Should I Laugh Or Cry

Discid: folk / 25114e14

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