Neil Young

Neil Young & After The Gold Rush

Tracks: 21, total time: 71:57, year: 1969, genre: Folk/Rock

two albums on one CD

1.2:20    The Emperor Of Wyoming
2.3:54    The Loner
3.2:23    If I Could Have Her Tonight
4.2:35    I've Been Waiting For You
5.5:59    The Old Laughing Lady
6.1:06    String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill
7.3:20    Here We Are In The Years
8.2:29    What Did You Do To My Life?
9.2:42    I've Loved Her So Long
10.9:57    The Last Trip To Tulsa
11.3:00    Tell Me Why
12.3:47    After The Goldrush
13.3:09    Only Love Can Break Your Heart
14.5:33    Southern Man
15.1:21    Till The Morning Comes
16.3:51    Oh, lonesome Me
17.2:58    Don't Let It Bring You Down
18.2:34    Birds
19.4:06    When You Dance I Can Really Love
20.3:28    I Believe In You
21.1:32    Cripple Creek Ferry

Category: folk - Discid: 1410db15

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