Two Pictures

Tracks: 18, total time: 56:20, year: , genre:

Fiddle Tunes and Songs in a New Southern Tradition

James Bryan(Fiddle)
Carl Jones (Guitar)

Martin Records
1623 Park Drive
Raleigh, NC 27605

919 828-8187

1.3:46    Kicking up the Devel on a Holiday/Dr. Hencock's Jig
2.3:01    Vale of Sorrow/Loving Kindness
3.3:26    Long Lost Love
4.3:07    Zeke Backus' Waltz
5.2:53    Goosey Boy/Little Toesy
6.4:18    Two Pictures
7.2:14    Belles of Blackville
8.2:01    Indain Whoop
9.3:47    Grant's Rant/DeKalb rangers/Spirit of '92
10.3:42    Tale of the Airl'y Days
11.2:46    Last Look at Lonesome Rock
12.3:57    Whistling Song
13.2:50    Forty Drops
14.3:08    Beethoven's Favorite Waltz
15.3:18    Last Time on the Road
16.1:51    Hang On
17.3:55    Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July/Jimalong Josie
18.2:26    Father James #1

Category: folk - Discid: 0c0d3212

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