Tracy Chapman

Broadcasts & Rarities II

Tracks: 18, total time: 73:02, year: , genre: Folk/Rock

1.5:00    The Thrill is Gone
2.2:09    Behind The Wall
3.5:34    All That You Have Is Your Soul
4.2:01    House of the Rising Sun
5.4:10    Give Me One Reason
6.3:10    The Times They Are A-Changing
7.2:25    Woman's Work
8.4:49    Mountains O' Things
9.4:23    Bang Bang Bang
10.4:41    Dreaming On A World
11.4:48    Open Arms
12.4:01    A Change Is Gonna Come
13.2:48    Imagine
14.4:28    O Holy Night
15.6:29    Smoke And Ashes
16.5:42    Give Me One Reason #2
17.3:59    Telling Stories
18.2:30    Where The Soul Never Dies

Category: folk - Discid: 09111c12

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