Paul Simon

Recorded As Jerry Landis 1959-61

Tracks: 18, total time: 43:22, year: 2006, genre: Folk

1.2:19    A different kind of love
2.2:40    Make a wish
3.2:14    Loneliness
4.2:04    A good foundation for love
5.2:41    A frame without a picture
6.2:11    The lipstick on your lips
7.2:20    An angel cries
8.2:39    North wind
9.2:20    Rock ´n´roll skaters waltz
10.2:44    Just a kid
11.2:18    I want you in my stocking
12.2:35    That´s how I feel
13.2:39    Let´s make pictures
14.2:27    When you come back to school
15.2:12    Educated fool
16.2:50    One way love
17.2:10    Bigger and better things
18.2:04    Beat love

Category: folk - Discid: 070a2812

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