Sandy Denny

Complete Recordings 13 (Sandy Solo and Fairport Convention)

Tracks: 17, total time: 78:38, year: 2010, genre: Folk-Rock

1.3:44Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
2.2:33Motherless Children
3.3:14Milk And Honey
4.2:45Been On The Road So Long
5.3:44The Quiet Land Of Erin
6.4:28Fairport Convention / Autopsy
7.3:49Fairport Convention / Now And Then
8.3:09Fairport Convention / Fotheringay
9.5:04Fairport Convention / She Moves Through The Fair
10.2:57Fairport Convention / Mr. Lacey
11.3:29Fairport Convention / Throwaway Street Puzzle
12.4:55Fairport Convention / The Ballad Of Easy Rider
13.4:08Fairport Convention / Dear Landlord
14.11:25Fairport Convention / A Sailor's Life
15.4:03Fairport Convention / Sir Patrick Spens
16.9:19Fairport Convention / The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
17.5:56Fairport Convention / The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood

Discid: data / fb126c11

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