Fleetwood Mac

25 years - The chain

Tracks: 17, total time: 72:19, year: 1992, genre: Rock

Location: ; UPC: 081227973025; Catalogue number: 8122797302; Label: Warner Bros. Records; ASIN: B00822KWME; Release Date: 1992 1124; Discogs: a47333,m417050,r3674470; MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID: d4c15b5a-f62a-409b-84d4-d50fb9fd55ba; AMG: P4273,R58264;

1.4:15    Save me
2.3:07    Goodbye, angel
3.4:30    Silver Springs
4.3:31    What makes you think you're the one
5.2:41    Think about me
6.5:22    Gypsy [alternate unedited version]
7.3:32    You make loving fun
8.2:50    Second hand news [alternate mix]
9.3:24    Love in store [alternate mix]
10.4:20    The chain [alternate mix]
11.2:44    Teen beat
12.4:17    Dreams [alternate mix]
13.4:06    Only over you
14.7:28    I'm so afraid [edited]
15.3:19    Love is dangerous
16.5:03    Gold dust woman [alternate mix]
17.7:54    Not that funny [live]
Previously unreleased

Category: data - Discid: f710f111

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