A Box Of Dreams (CD 2/3)

Tracks: 15, total time: 43:56, year: 1997, genre: Pop

CD1 Oceans
CD2 Clouds
CD3 Stars

1.2:27    Watermark
2.3:12    Portrait (Out of the Blue)
3.2:00    Miss Clare Remembers
4.3:41    Shepherd Moons
5.3:16    March of the Celts
6.2:09    Lothlorien
7.2:22    From Where I Am
8.4:07    Afer Ventus
9.2:23    Oriel Window
10.3:12    River
11.2:42    Tea-House Moon
12.3:03    Willows on the Wather
13.2:29    Morning Glory
14.2:42    No Holly for Miss Quinn
15.4:15    The Memory of Trees

Category: data - Discid: db0a4a0f

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