I Am the Empire: Live From the 013

Tracks: 13, total time: 57:13, year: 2020, genre: heavy metal

1.2:03    Transcendence (Intro)
2.4:05    Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)
3.3:48    Rule the World
4.3:50    Insomnia
5.4:34    The Great Pandemonium
6.4:21    When the Lights Are Down
7.7:16    My Confession
8.4:24    Veil of Elysium
9.5:11    Under Grey Skies
10.3:33    Ravenlight
11.4:26    End of Innocence
12.5:53    March of Mephisto
13.3:52    Amnesiac

Category: data - Discid: d20d670d

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