Neil Young

Everybody’s Alone

Tracks: 13, total time: 46:28, year: 2020, genre: classic rock

1.3:36    Letter From ‘Nam
2.2:48    Monday Morning
3.2:56    The Bridge
4.4:22    Time Fades Away
5.2:28    Come Along and Say You Will
6.5:25    Goodbye Christians on the Shore
7.4:20    The Last Trip to Tulsa (live)
8.3:55    The Loner (live)
9.2:42    Sweet Joni (live)
10.3:20    Yonder Stands the Sinner (live)
11.4:02    L.A. (Story) (live)
12.3:36    L.A. (live)
13.3:01    Human Highway

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