Classic Airwaves

Tracks: 14, total time: 64:34, year: 2005, genre: Grunge

YEAR: 2005

1.3:43    Love Buzz (KAOS FM Live)
2.2:22    Floyd The Barber (KAOS FM Live)
3.2:16    Downer (KAOS FM Live)
4.2:03    Mexican Seafood (KAOS FM Live)
5.1:56    White Lace And Strange (KAOS FM Live)
6.3:24    Spank Thru (KAOS FM Live)
7.2:43    Anorexorcist (KAOS FM Live)
8.4:33    Hairspray Queen (KAOS FM Live)
9.4:11    Pen Cap Chew (KAOS FM Live)
10.2:38    Rape Me (Saturday Night Live)
11.4:46    Smells Like Teen Spirit (Saturday Night Live)
12.2:45    Territorial Pissings (Saturday Night Live)
13.7:16    Heart Shaped Box (Saturday Night Live)
14.20:00    Video

Category: data - Discid: b50f200e

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