Adele Pardi

Per Dido

Tracks: 13, total time: 51:44, year: 2019, genre: Jazz

1.5:11    Overture
2.3:50    Shake The Cloud
3.4:29    Ah Belinda
4.3:25    Cupid Only Throws The Dart
5.2:59    To The Hills And The Vales
6.7:19    Prelude For The Witches
7.1:52    In Our Deep Vaulted Cell
8.3:07    Ritornelle – Thanks To These Lonesome Vales
9.0:39    Aeneas Soul
10.5:56    Haste To Town
11.1:55    Aeneas
12.7:27    When I Am Laid In Earth
13.3:31    Fear No Danger

Category: data - Discid: b30c1e0d

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