Alphanaut (2)

Meanwhile Back on Earth (Remixed)

Tracks: 13, total time: 70:29, year: 2016, genre: Electronic

1.5:12    Think Too Much (Antonio Ramon Cosenza Remix)
2.4:16    Electricity (Diskodiktator Remix)
3.6:27    Is This My Country? (DJDZ Remix)
4.7:00    Unneccessary Soldier (Its Gonna Crash Remix)
5.4:02    No One's Normal (Noizz Factor Mix)
6.6:05    The Catalyst (E39 Motivation Mix)
7.4:08    This Is the Moment (Jay Frasco Remix)
8.8:10    The Rain It Falls so Hard (Super Collider Remix by Alphanaut)
9.5:13    Father's Day (Kyle Michael Porter Remix)
10.4:27    The the Quiet of Love (Fafnirrockson Remix)
11.3:34    The Rain It Falls so Hard (Mario Macias Remix)
12.7:27    Father's Day (Bizzartech Remix)
13.4:24    No One's Normal (Krachtek Elektronik Remix)

Category: data - Discid: b110830d

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