12" Singles, Volume 1

Tracks: 12, total time: 56:38, year: 2005, genre: dance-pop

1.4:18Everybody (extended version)
2.4:06Lucky Star (US remix)
3.4:50Holiday (full length version)
4.4:06Borderline (US remix)
5.4:51Physical Attraction (extended version)
6.6:06Like a Virgin (US Dance mix)
7.6:21Material Girl (Jellybean dance mix)
8.4:29Into the Groove (extended dance mix)
9.5:05Angel (extended dance remix)
10.3:40Burning Up (extended version)
11.5:11Gambler (extended dance remix)
12.3:37Dress You Up (12" Formal mix)

Discid: data / b00d440c

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