Neil Young

1987: European Garage Tour Compilation

Tracks: 13, total time: 64:40, year: , genre: folk rock

1.4:37American Dream (1987-05-28, Vorst Nationaal, Bruxelles, Belgium)
2.5:58In the Name of Love (rehearsal saga)
3.4:58In the Name of Love (1987-05-28, Vorst Nationaal, Bruxelles, Belgium)
4.7:55Inca Queen (1987-05-01, Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy)
5.2:51Too Lonely (1987-05-27, Sportpaleis Ahoy', Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
6.5:35When Your Lonely Heart Breaks (1987-05-07, Frankenhalle, N├╝rnberg, West Germany)
7.5:38Long Walk Home (1987-05-25, Palais des sports, Toulouse, France)
8.3:25Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll (1987-05-05, Palatrussardi, Milano, Italy)
9.4:57Mideast Vacation (1987-05-28, Vorst Nationaal, Bruxelles, Belgium)
10.3:10See the Sky About to Rain (1987-05-05, Palatrussardi, Milano, Italy)
11.4:50After the Gold Rush (1987-05-01, Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy)
12.6:51American Dream (1987-06-04, Wembley Arena, London, England)
13.3:58Heart of Gold (1987-05-28, Vorst Nationaal, Bruxelles, Belgium)

Discid: data / af0f260d

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