Andy Duran's Latin Jazz Band

Latin Jazz Band & More...

Tracks: 11, total time: 52:43, year: 2002, genre: Jazz

1.5:39    Quedamos Asi Pue...
2.3:36    Ese Zapato Me Sirve
3.3:53    Roof Garden
4.5:22    Wabble Cha & Rareza Del Siglo
5.4:39    Morning
6.4:59    Havana Strut
7.2:55    Jazz En la 5ta de Bethoveen
8.4:23    La Rueca
9.4:20    Hechizada
10.6:11    Mack The Knife
11.6:42    The Pink Panther Theme

Category: data - Discid: 9b0c590b

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