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Tracks: 22, total time: 64:06, year: 2008, genre: Vocal

1.1:25Introduction / Introduction
2.2:00PEOPLE / Who exactly is...Adam Grubb? (p.7)
3.2:38WORLD VIEW / Eats shoots and leaves (p.12)
4.2:12TEST / The biz quiz: Test your English at work (p.16)
5.2:53A DAY IN MY LIFE / Sara Parrish (p.9)
6.2:41BRITAIN TODAY / Interview with Colin Beaven
7.4:52BRITAIN TODAY / Knowing whether to stop or go (p.14)
8.3:20DEBATE / Do kids need tough love? (p.24)
9.2:34FOCUS: Los Angeles / The language of buildings
10.3:53FOCUS: Los Angeles / The rebirth of L.A. (excerpt; p.34)
11.2:47FOCUS: Los Angeles / Home to Hollywood
12.1:15REPLAY:A look at recent news events / Introduction
13.2:11REPLAY:A look at recent news events / The British teacher in Sudan
14.2:12REPLAY:A look at recent news events / Iran's nuclear programme
15.2:23REPLAY:A look at recent news events / Clever chimpanzees
16.3:19EVERYDAY ENGLISH / Card games (pp.59-60)
17.4:59AROUND OZ / A new government and a new start in Australia (p.41)
18.3:58ENGLISH AT WORK / Interrupting (p.64)
19.4:03PEGGY'S PLACE / Romance is alive and well (p.58)
20.2:44GRAMMR BASICS / The present perfect continuous (p.56)
21.4:25SHORT STORY / Home from work (p.49)
22.1:28SHORT STORY / Conclusion / Quiz

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