Head Out Of Dreams - The Complete Hollies (August 1973 - May 1988) - CD 1

Tracks: 20, total time: 73:33, year: 2017, genre: Pop

1.4:28    The day that Curly Billy shot down Crazy Sam McGee
2.3:54    Mexico gold
3.2:56    Out on the road
4.2:59    Born a man
5.4:02    Pick up the pieces again
6.3:43    It's a shame, it's a game
7.3:18    Transatlantic Westbound jet
8.4:23    Don't let me down
9.3:15    Falling calling
10.4:11    Tip of the iceberg
11.3:12    Burn fire burn
12.4:16    Rubber Lucy
13.4:14    The air that I breathe
14.3:53    Down on the run
15.2:59    No more riders
16.3:48    Love makes the world go round
17.3:12    Give me time
18.4:19    Lonely Hobo Lullaby
19.4:09    Son of a rotten gambler
20.2:28    Layin' to the music

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