Various Artists

!PROTEST! American Protest Songs 1928 - 1953

Tracks: 20, total time: 60:08, year: 1947, genre: ambient

1.3:11Old Man Atom
2.2:55The Last Page Of Mein Kampf
3.2:38The Dodger Song
4.3:00Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
5.3:12We're Up Against It Now
6.3:05Black, Brown And White
7.3:21Bread Line Blues
8.3:18Atom And Evil
9.2:40The Forgotten Soldier Boy
10.2:54Hustlin' Woman Blues
11.2:57Fifty Years From Now
12.3:03Sales Tax
13.2:24Billy Boy
14.2:56Atomic Sermon
15.2:59Poor Man, Rich Man
16.2:39The Death Of Mother Jones
17.3:10Strange Fruit
18.3:06Judge Harsh Blues
19.3:12All I've Got Is Gone
20.3:351913 Massacre

Discid: data / 240e1614

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