Sandy Denny

Complete Recordings 19 (Home Demos 1974-1977)

Tracks: 19, total time: 67:00, year: 2010, genre: Folk-Rock

1.3:55The King And Queen Of England
2.3:08Rising For The Moon
3.3:47One More Chance
4.3:09The King And Queen Of England
5.3:02After Halloween
6.3:46What Is True?
7.2:20Stranger To Himself
8.1:40Sandy's Song (Take Away The Load)
9.3:23By The Time It Gets Dark
10.4:18I'm A Dreamer
11.5:01Full Moon
12.3:58Take Me Away
13.3:39All Our Days
14.3:07No More Sad Refrains
15.3:09Still Waters Run Deep
16.4:09One Way Donkey Ride
17.4:48I'm A Dreamer
18.4:01Full Moon
19.2:45Makes Me Think Of You

Discid: data / 110fb213

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