The Beatles

Anthology 1

Tracks: 34, total time: 65:25, year: 1995, genre: Rock

YEAR: 1995

1.4:25Free As A Bird
2.0:13"We Were Four Guys ... That's All" [Speech: John Lennon, Interview 1970]
3.2:08That'll Be The Day (Liverpool 1958)
4.2:45In Spite Of All The Danger (Liverpool 1958)
5.0:18"Sometimes I'd Borrow ... Those Still Exist" [Speech: Paul McCartney, Interview 1994]
6.1:14Hallelujah, I Love Her So (Liverpool 1960)
7.1:39You'll Be Mine (Liverpool 1960)
8.1:14Cayenne (Liverpool 1960)
9.0:08"First Of All ... It Didn't Do A Thing Here" [Speech: Paul McCartney, Interview 1962]
10.2:43My Bonnie (Live 1961)
11.2:14Ain't She Sweet (Live 1961)
12.2:23Cry For A Shadow (Live 1961)
13.0:11"Brian Was A Beautiful Guy ... He Presented Us Well" [Speech: John Lennon, Interview 1971]
14.0:19"I Secured Them ... A Beatle Drink Even Then" [Speech: Brian Epstein, Interview 1964]
15.3:00Searchin' (London 1962)
16.2:26Three Cool Cats (London 1962)
17.1:44The Sheik Of Araby (London 1962)
18.2:36Like Dreamers Do (London 1962)
19.1:41Hello Little Girl (London 1962)
20.0:33"Well, The Recording Test ... By My Artists" [Speech: Brian Epstein, Interview 1964]
21.2:38Besame Mucho (London 1962)
22.2:32Love Me Do (London 1962)
23.1:58How Do You Do It (London 1962)
24.2:00Please Please Me (London 1962)
25.2:24One After 909 (Sequence) (London 1963)
26.2:56One After 909 (Complete) (London 1963)
27.1:50Lend Me Your Comb (London 1963)
28.2:09I'll Get You (Live 1963)
29.0:13"We Were Performers ... In Britain" [Speech: John Lennon, Interview 1970]
30.2:49I Saw Her Standing There (Live 1963)
31.2:06From Me To You (Live1963)
32.2:53Money (That's What I Want) (Live1963)
33.2:59You Really Got A Hold On Me (Live1963)
34.2:19Roll Over Beethoven (Live 1963)

Discid: data / 010f5322

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