Charlie Rich

The Most Beautiful Girl

Tracks: 18, total time: 51:11, year: , genre: Country

1.2:44The most beautiful girl
2.2:56Behind closed doors
3.3:38Life has its little ups and downs
5.2:33Why oh why
6.2:56If you wouldn't be my lady
7.2:27You never really wanted me
8.3:00Every time you touch me
9.3:08We love each other
10.3:06A sunday kind af woman
11.2:27I love my friend
12.3:03Since I fell for you
13.2:31'Till I can't take it anymore
14.3:41A field of yellow daisies
15.2:52I take it on home
17.2:27There won't be anymore
18.2:43A very special lovesong

Discid: country / f00bfd12

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