Circuit Rider

CR Volume 19

Tracks: 14, total time: 46:29, year: 1999, genre: Gospel

1.3:48We Know He´s Coming / Kathy Dykes Brown & From The Heart
2.3:30No Call For Help Goes Unansweres / W.c. Taylor
3.3:10Unseen Guest / Barry Wayne
4.2:46I Saw The Face Of Jesus / Jimmy R. Williams
5.3:09Somebody´s Watching / Kenny Hall
6.2:41The Bear / Bill Townsend
7.3:22The Valley / Lonnie Seser
8.3:13Lord You Are Worthy / Rosalie
9.3:54Waiting For The Messiah / Ronnie Twisdale
10.3:45Love Writen In Blood / Pat Cole
11.2:17Noah / The Mcgregory Family
12.3:37I´m In It For The Love / Kyle Baber
13.3:18Just A Closer Walk Inst. / Steve Mcgregory
14.4:02Take My Yoke / Martha Welch

Discid: country / c60ae30e

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